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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Robert Louis Stevenson
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1,000 words:
The action of the novel takes place in London in the late XIX century. Mr. Utterson, the notary, was a reserved man, taciturn and awkward in society, and yet very pretty. He was strict with him, but the weaknesses of neighbors showed leniency, preferring to help, not blame. And because he often had to be the last decent friend of many people and descended the last good influence in their lives. It is this kind were those bonds of friendship that have linked Mr. Utterson, with its distant relative Mr. Richard Enfield, London bonvivanom known. Both of them were very fond of riding together Sunday for which it sacrificed other things. One Sunday, the case led them into a street of one of London's business districts. Its inhabitants prospered, so street look neat and smart. This disturbed the tidiness of only one building that has a sullen, non-residential appearance. Mr. Utterson told Enfield a strange history connected with this building. Once Enfield came home at three o'clock in the morning through this ulochku.Vdrug he saw some low man, who quickly walked down the street. On cross street ran headlong girl of devyati.Na corner they were confronted, the man stepped on the fallen girl and did not even turn on her groans. Enfield rushed forward and grabbed the man by the collar. Around the girl has brought together people - native girls. Enfield said that the appearance of the men brought in all sentiments of hatred and disgust. To punish a man, he was forced to pay a hundred
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