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A Farewell to Arms
Ernest Hemingway
A Farewell to Arms
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A Farewell to Arms in 1,000 words:
The novel is set in the 1915-1918 years. on the Italian-avstriyskomfronte. American, Frederick Henry - Lieutenant sanitary troops of Italian Army (Italian - because the U.S. has not yet entered the war, and Henry volunteered). Before coming to the town on the smooth, where the cost of health - a lull. Officers who spend their time as best he can - drink, play billiards, go to a brothel, and drives the paint in the regimental priest, discussing with him various intimate things. In the nearby British hospital visits young nurse Catherine Barkley, whose fiance was killed in France. She regrets not marry him before, did not gave him a little happiness. As the troops sweeping the rumor that we should wait for the imminent attack. It is urgent to break the dressing station for wounded. The Austrian side are close to the Italians - on the other side of the river. Henry's courtship expectations brightens up the voltage for Katherine, although it confused some of the strangeness of her behavior. First, after trying to kiss her, he gets a slap, then a girl she kisses him, anxiously inquiring whether he will be always kind to her. Henry did not rule out that it is a little crazy, but she is very beautiful, and to meet with her better than to spend the evening in the officers' brothel. In another interview, Henry comes thoroughly drunk and also very late - however, a meeting will not take place: Catherine is not quite well. Suddenly the lieutenant is feeling unusually lonely, his hear
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