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Easier Breathing
Ivan Bunin
Easier Breathing
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Easier Breathing in 1,000 words:
Easy breathing 1916 Summary of the story Casting Time: ~ 3 min. in the original - 8-9 hours Exposition of the story - a description of the grave of the heroine.This is followed by the presentation of its history. Olga Meshcherskaya - prosperous, capable and mischievous schoolgirl, indifferent to the teachings of the classroom damy.V fifteen years it has been recognized by the beauty, had the most fans, the best dancer on the balls and running around on skates. It was rumored that one of the lovers in her high-school students attempted suicide because of her frivolity. In the last winter of his life Olya Meshcherskaya "just went crazy with joy." Her behavior causes the boss to make another comment, chided her, among other things, that she dresses and behaves like a girl, but as a woman. At this point, it interrupts the calm Meshcherskaya message that she - and the woman guilty of this friend and neighbor of her father, brother, boss Alexis Malyutin. A month after this conversation, an ugly shot Meshchersky Cossack officer on the platform of the station a large crowd of people. Bailiff, he announced that Meshcherskaya was with him close and vowed to be his wife. On this day, accompanying him to the station, she said that she never loved him, and offered to read a page from his diary, which described how her seduced Malyutin. From the diary indicated that it happened when Malyutin came to visit and found the house Meshchersky one Olga. Describes her attempts to take the
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