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Joseph Heller
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Catch-22 in 1,000 words:
The fictional island in the Mediterranean Sea Pyanosa invented by the author's imagination of the U.S. Air Force base. It is a real World War II. However, each of the many characters in this vast literary mural has its own war to win in which they have spared no effort, no life, and someone - someone else's life. Air Force Captain Iossarian for the time being "normal fighting", although in the context of the novel is a combination of looks absurd. He was ready to implement the provisions of the U.S. Air Force rate of twenty-five combat missions and go home. However, Colonel Koshkart dreaming of fame at any cost, now and then patriotic increases the number of required missions, and to return the desired Iossarianu how to mirage Actually, for some time Iossarian was fighting got worse and worse. Going up into the air, it has set itself the sole purpose - to come back alive, and he does not care where they drop the bomb dropped - on the enemy's object, or in the sea. But bravely fighting bosses, ready to carry out the most daring operation as soon as they risk their lives to be subordinate. They often neglect the heroic risks borne by others. They are worth nothing to bomb the Italian mountain village, without warning civilians. Do not fear that there will be casualties, but it will create a perfect impasse for enemy vehicles. They are fiercely fighting each other for a place under the sun. Thus, the general has plans Dolbing defeat the insidious enemy, which is the other Ame
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