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All Quiet on the Western Front
Erich Maria Remarque
All Quiet on the Western Front
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All Quiet on the Western Front in 1,000 words:
The height of World War II. Germany is already at war with France, Russia, England and America, Paul Boymer on whose behalf the narrator represents his fellow soldiers. It brought together students, farmers, fishermen, artisans of all ages. Roth lost nearly half of the composition, and nine kilometers from the front resting after a meeting with British guns - "chopper." Because of the losses they accrue during the shelling of a double portion of food and kureva.Soldaty slept, eaten their fill, smoke and play cards. Muller, Kropp and Paul go to their injured classmate. Four of them were in one company, persuaded "eloquent voice," classroom teacher Kantoreka. Joseph Boehm did not want to go to war, but, fearing the "cut for itself all the way", also volunteered. He was killed by one of the first. Wounds in the eye, he could not find shelter, lost a landmark, and was dostrelyan. And pisme Kropp their former mentor Kantorek lease its greetings, calling them "iron guys." So thousands of Kantorekov fool the youth. Another of his classmates, Kimmeriha guys are in a field hospital with an amputated leg. The mother asked Paul Franz Kimmeriha look after him, "because he just a kid." But how to do it on the front? One look at the Franz enough to understand - it is hopeless. While Francis was unconscious, he stole the watch, watch your favorite, received as a gift. It is true that the English were great shoes made of leather to the knee, which he did not die in front of nuzhny.On com
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