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Alexander Pushkin
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Dubrovsky in 1,000 words:
Dubrovsky 1833 Summary of the story Casting Time: 10-15 min. in the original - 70-90 min. In his estate Pokrovskoye lives rich and distinguished gentleman Kiril Petrovitch Troekurov. Knowing his temper cool, his neighbors are afraid of everything, except the poor landowner Andrei Dubrovsky Gavrilovic, a retired lieutenant of the Guards and a former colleague Troyekurov. Both are widowers. Dubrovsky has a son, Vladimir, an employee in St. Petersburg, and in Troyekurov a daughter Mary, who lives with his father, and Troekurov often starts talking about his desire to marry children. Sudden quarrel quarrel friends, and a proud and independent behavior Dubrovsky alienates them from each other even more.Autocratic and powerful Troekurov to vent anger, decides to deprive the estate and ordered Dubrovsky assessors Shabashkin find a "legal" way to this lawlessness. Judges' desire to perform pettifogger Troyekurov and Dubrovsky called to judge the Zemstvo to solve the case. At the meeting of the judgment in the presence of litigants to read the decision, full legal incidents, according to which the estate Dubrovsky Kistenevka Troyekurov becomes the property of, and Dubrovsky happens fit of madness. Dubrovsky health is deteriorating and who looked after him old fortress Yegorovna wrote a letter to St. Petersburg, Vladimir Dubrovsky with the notification of the incident. After receiving the letter, Vladimir Dubrovsky iskhlopatyvaet leave and went home.Dear driver tells him about
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