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Three Sisters
Anton Chekhov
Three Sisters
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Three Sisters in 1,000 words:
The action takes place in a provincial town in the house Prozorov. Irina, the youngest of three sisters Prozorov, celebrates twenty years. "Outside the sun, have fun," and the hall is covered with a table, waiting for guests - the officers stationed in the city and the new artillery battery commander Lieutenant Colonel Vershinin it. All are full of joyful expectation and hope. Irina: "I do not know why my heart so light! ... Though I sail, I have a wide blue sky and big white birds rush." Scheduled for the fall Prozorov moving to Moscow. The sisters do not doubt that their brother Andrew will go to university and eventually bound to become a professor. Blagodushestvuet Kulygin, school teacher, husband of one of the sisters, Masha.Amenable to the general joyous mood Chebutykin, a military doctor, was once madly loved deceased mother Prozorov. "My white bird," - he touched kisses Irina. Lieutenant Baron TUZENBACH enthusiastically talks about the future: "The time has come [...] is preparing a healthy, strong storms, which [...] to blow away our society's laziness, indifference, prejudice against work, rotten bored". It is also optimistic Vershinin. With his appearance Masha is its "merehlyundiya." Relaxed atmosphere of cheerfulness and does not violate the appearance of Natasha, though she herself terribly confused society at large. Andrew proposes to her, "O youth, a wonderful, beautiful youth! [...] I feel so good, a soul full of love, joy ... My dear, good, clean, be my wif
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