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The Seagull
Anton Chekhov
The Seagull
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The Seagull in 1,000 words:
The action takes place in the estate of Peter Nikolaevich Sorin. His sister, Irina Arkadina - an actress, is staying at his estate with his son, Constantine Gavrilovich Treplev, and Boris Trigorin, novelist, quite famous, although he was not yet forty. Speak of him as someone smart, simple, somewhat melancholic and very respectable. As for his literary work, then, according to Konstantin, it is "cute, talented [...] but [...] after Tolstoy or Zola would not want to read Trigorin." Constantine himself as Konstantin tries to write. Considering the contemporary theater superstition, he is looking for new forms of theater in the estate deystva.Sobravshiesya preparing to watch the play, set by the author of the natural scenery. Have a unique role to Nina Nina, a young girl, the daughter of wealthy landowners, in which Constantine in love. Nina's parents strongly opposed her passion theater, and so it should come to the house in secret. Constantine is confident that his mother against the play, and not having seen, passionately hates it, as novelist, whom she loves, Nina, Nina might like. It also seems that the mother does not love him, because his age - and he was twenty-five years - he reminds her of their own, respectively. In addition, Constantine is haunted by the fact that his mother - a famous actress. He is thought that because he, like his father, now deceased, Kiev, tradesman, his suffering in a society famous artists and writers just because of the mother. He suffers t
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