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Ward No. 6
Anton Chekhov
Ward No. 6
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Ward No. 6 in 1,000 words:
In a small provincial town in the hospital wing of the house is number 6 for the mentally ill. It "stinks of sour cabbage, of smoldering wicks, of bugs, and ammonia, and the stench in the first minute you feel as though you enter the zoo." In the House of five people live. The first - "lean workman with shining red whiskers and tear-stained eyes." He apparently was ill with tuberculosis and a sad day, and sighs.Second - Moiseyka, cheerful idiot, "went crazy twenty years ago, when he burned a nodding workshop." He alone is permitted to leave the house and walk into town to beg, but all he brings, takes away the guard Nikita (he is one of those people who love throughout the procedure, and so mercilessly beats patients).Moiseika usluzhivat.V loves all that he imitates the third inmate, the single "Precious" - the former bailiff Ivan Dmitrievich Gromov. He comes from a prosperous family officer, who at a certain point began to pursue unhappiness. First, the eldest son died - Sergei.Then he was put on trial for fraud and embezzlement, and died in the prison hospital. The youngest son, Ivan stayed with his mother without the means. He learned to work and got the job. But suddenly was sick delusions of persecution and came to the ward number 6.The fourth occupant - "oplyvshy fat, almost round with a blunt man, face completely pointless." It seems that he has lost the ability to think and feel, it does not react, even when he brutally beat Nikita.The fifth and last occupant - "skinn
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