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Uncle Vanya
Anton Chekhov
Uncle Vanya
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Uncle Vanya in 1,000 words:
Overcast autumn day. In the garden, in the alley under an old poplar, served the tea table. At the samovar - an old nurse Marina. "Eat, sir," - she offers tea to Dr. Astrov. "What a tone-like" - he is responsible. Appears Telegin, an impoverished landowner, nicknamed Waffles, who lives on the estate of sponge on the situation: "The weather is charming, the birds are singing, we all live in peace and harmony - what else do we?" But even as the consent of the toi-world and not in the estate. "Wrong in this house" - twice pronounce HELENA, wife of Professor Serebryakov, who came to the estate. These fragmentary, apparently not addressed remarks to each other, come, calling, in dialogic dispute and highlight the meaning of the tense drama experienced by actors in the play. Earned for ten years, lived in the county, Astrov. "Nothing I do not want anything I do not need no love," - he complains nyanke.Izmenilsya, cracked Wynn. Previously he was managing the estate, did not know of a free minute. And now? "I [...] became worse as the lazy, do nothing and just grumble, like an old fuck ..." Wynn does not conceal his envy of a retired professor, particularly its success with women. Wynn's mother, Maria, just adores her brother-husband of her deceased daughter. Wynn despised class scientists Serebryakov: "A person [...] reading and writing about art, not understanding nothing of art." Finally, he hates Serebryakov, though his hatred may seem biased: he fell in love with his beautif
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