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Anton Chekhov
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Gooseberries in 1,000 words:
Ivan Ivanovitch and Burkin go on the field. In the distance is seen the village Mironositskaya. It starts to rain, and they decide to go to his friend, the landlord Paul Konstantinych Alekhine, whose estate is located near the village of Sofyino. Alekhin, "a man of about forty, tall and stout, with long hair, looking more like a professor or an artist than a landowner," greets visitors at the threshold of the barn, which is noisy fan. His clothes dirty, and his face black with dust. He was pleased to guests and invites them to go in disguise and kupalnyu.Pomyvshis, Ivan Ivanovich, Burkin and Alekhine go into the house, where a cup of tea with jam, Ivan Ivanovitch tells the story of his brother Nikolai Ivanovich. Brothers spent his childhood at will, the estate of his father, who was himself from the cantonments, but to curry favor with a commission and left the children of hereditary nobility. After the death of his father an estate they had sued for debt. Nicholas and nineteen years of sitting in the Exchequer, but missed it terribly, and all wanted to buy a small usadebku.Sam Ivan Ivanovich had never sympathized with his brother will "lock yourself in your own life in a mansion." Nicholas is about anything else just could not think. He always imagined a future estate, where certainly had to grow gooseberries. Nicholas saved money, undernourished, married without love on the plain, but a rich widow. He held his wife starve, and the money it put in his name to the bank. My w
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