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Dead Souls
Nikolai Gogol
Dead Souls
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Dead Souls in 1,000 words:
Dead Souls 1842 Summary of the poem Casting Time: 15-20 min. In the original - 6-7 pm Volume One The proposed history, as will become clear later, there was a somewhat soon after the "Glorious expulsion of the French." In the provincial capital NN comes collegiate councilor Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov (it is not old nor too young, not fat nor thin, and looks rather nice and somewhat rounded) and settles in a hotel. He makes a lot of questions tavern servant - as a relative of the owner and restaurant revenues, and exposing it solidity: the city officials, the most significant landowners, inquiring about the state of the edge and was not eh "any disease in their province of epidemic goryachek" and other similar misfortunes. Going with the visit, the visitor finds extraordinary activities (visiting all from governor to the inspector of the medical board) and courtesy, because everyone knows how to say pleasant. Of himself he says something vaguely (what "felt a lot on his age, suffered in the service of truth, had many enemies, encroaching even on his life," and is now looking for a place of residence). At a house party at the governor he can win the general location and the way to reduce the familiarity with the landowners and Manilov Sobakevich. In the following days he dines with the chief of police (where he met with the landowner Nozdrevs), chairman of the House visits and vice-governor, tax farmer and the prosecutor - and sent to the estate Manilow (which, however, p
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