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Ivan Turgenev
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Asya in 1,000 words:
I.S. TURGENEV Asya 1858 Summary of the story Casting Time: ~ 7 min. in the original - 40-50 minutes. NN, a middle-aged man of the world, recalls a story that has happened, when he was twenty-five years. NN when traveling without purpose and without a plan and on his way stopped in a quiet German town of N.Once the NN, a student coming to the party, he met the crowd with two Russian - a young painter, who identified himself as Gagin, and his sister Anna, which Gagin called Asya. N. avoided Russian abroad, but he liked the new acquaintance at once. N. Gagin invited to his home, an apartment, where they stayed with his sister. NN was fascinated by his new friends. Asya was shy at first NN, but soon she had already spoke to him. Evening came, it was time to go home. Leaving from Gagin NN felt happy. It took many days. Pranks Asi was varied each day, it seemed new, the other a well-bred young lady, you naughty boy, the simple little girl. N. regularly visited Gagin. Some time later, Assia has ceased to be naughty, looked distressed, avoiding NN Gagin treated her kindly, indulgent, and NN grew stronger suspicion that Gagin - not his brother Asi. Strange Case confirmed his suspicions. Once the NN overheard a conversation Gagin, in which Asya Gagin said that she loves him and does not want anyone else to love. NN was very bitter. The next few days, held by NN in nature, avoiding Gagin. But a few days later he found a note from home Gagin, who asked him to come. Gagin
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