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Fathers and Sons
Ivan Turgenev
Fathers and Sons
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Fathers and Sons in 1,000 words:
Fathers and Sons 1862 Summary of the novel Casting Time: 10-15 min. in the original - 3-4 hours May 20, 1859 Nikolai Petrovich Kirsanov sorokatrehletny, but not so young-looking gentleman, nervously waiting at the inn of his son Arcadius, who had just graduated from university. Nikolai Petrovich was the son of a general, but used his military career did not take place (in his youth he broke his leg and life was "lame").Nikolai Petrovich soon married the daughter of humble civil servant, and was happily married. To his deep grief, his wife died in 1847. All their time and energy he devoted to raising her son, even in St. Petersburg, lived with him and tried to move closer to his friends son, and students.Last time, he vigorously engaged in the conversion of his estate. There comes a happy moment of meeting. However, Arkady comes not alone with him a tall, ugly and self-confident young man, aspiring doctor, who agreed to stay with Kirsanovs. His name, as he himself attests, Yevgeny Bazarov. The conversation between father and son at first, not glued. Nikolai Petrovich Fenichka embarrassed, the girl he has with him and from which the child already has. Arkady condescending tone (it is slightly warps the father) tries to smooth out the awkwardness has arisen. At home waiting for them, Paul Petrovich, the elder brother of his father.Pavel Petrovich and Bazarov immediately begin to feel a mutual antipathy. But the farm boys and the servants of the visitor willing
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