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A Common Story
Ivan Goncharov
A Common Story
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A Common Story in 1,000 words:
A Common Story 1848 Summary of the novel Casting Time: 10-15 min. in the original - 4-5 hours This is a summer morning in the village of Rooks began unusually: at dawn all the inhabitants of the house a poor landowner Anna Pavlovna Aduyev were already on their feet. Only the originator of this fuss, Aduyev son, Alexander, was asleep, "as it follows a young man twenty-year sleep, heroic dream." Turmoil reigned in the Rook because Alexander is going to St. Petersburg at the service: knowledge, he received the university, according to the boys, you must apply to the practice of serving the Fatherland. Woe to Anna Pavlovna, the only part with his son, akin to sadness, "the first minister in the economy," the landowner Agrafena - along with Alexander in St. Petersburg sent his valet Evsey, each heart Agrippina, - how many pleasant evenings spent this gentle couple of cards! ..Suffering and beloved Alexander, Sonia - she dedicated the first impulses of his exalted dushi.Luchshy each Adueva, Pospelov, last minute breaks in the Rooks to finally embrace someone with whom conversations were conducted on the honor and dignity of the ministry of the Fatherland and charms love best hours of university life ... Yes, and very sorry to part with Alexander the usual way of zhizni.Esli a high sense of purpose and his appointment did not push him on a long journey, he certainly would have stayed in the Rook, with infinitely loving his mother and sister, a spinster Mary Gorbatova, among h
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