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Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka
Nikolai Gogol
Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka
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Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka in 1,000 words:
Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka 1832 Summary of the collection Casting Time: 40-50 min. In the original - 3-4 pm Part One "A Night ...", consisting of eight novels, divided evenly into 2 parts, each preceded by an introduction of an imaginary publisher. In the first, describing his farm, he gives some characteristics, especially colorful inhabitants Dikanka that zahazhivayut evenings in the "pasichnikovu hovel," and they tell strange stories, a diligent collector of which is Rudoy Panko Sorochinskaya Fair Description of the ravishing luxuries of a summer day in Little Russia begins the story is this. Among the beauties of the August afternoon move carts filled with goods, and walking to the fair folk to the town Sorochinets. For one of the carts laden with hemp, and not only with bags of wheat (for besides sitting here browed maiden and her wicked stepmother), wanders zharoyu exhausted by the owner, Solopov Cherevik. As soon entered the bridge thrown across Psel, WHO drew the attention of local lads, and one of them, "dressed poschegolevatee others' admiration of pretty Parasca, picks a quarrel with babbler stepmother. However, coming to a crony, Cossack Tsybulya, travelers at the time to forget this adventure, and a daughter Cherevik sent shortly to the fair. Here, the jostling between the carts, he learns that the fair devoted to "the damned place," fear the appearance of red scrolls, and certainly to have been correct signs. But however concerned about the fate of
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