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A Dowerless Girl
Alexander Ostrovsky
A Dowerless Girl
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A Dowerless Girl in 1,000 words:
A Dowerless Girl 1878 Summary of the drama Casting Time: 10-15 min. in the original - 50-60 minutes. The action takes place in a large fictional town on the Volga - Bryahimove. Open area near the coffee shop on the Volga bulvare.Knurov ("major dealers recently, an elderly man with a huge state," as it is said about him in the stage directions) and Vozhevatov ("a very young man, a representative of a wealthy trading company, to suit European) by ordering champagne in the tea unit, begin to discuss the news is pretty well known in society, dowry Larissa Ogudalovoy marries a poor clerk Karandysheva.Vozhevatov explains the modest desire to marry Larissa, experienced a strong passion for "the brilliant master" Paratov, which is gone to her head, beat off all the suitors and suddenly left. After the scandal, when once the groom was arrested for embezzlement in the house Ogudalovoy, Larissa, and announced that it will marry the first man to woo and Karandyshev - a longtime admirer and unsuccessful - "and right there." Vozhevatov reports that awaits Paratov who sold him his ship "Swallow," What is a joyous revival of the owner of coffee. To the best pier jumped in quadruplet with the owner on the box and gypsies in dress clothes. Appear to Ogudalovoy Karandyshev. Ogudalovoy treated to tea, and Karandyshev puts on airs as an equal, refers to Knurovu with an invitation to dinner. Ogudalovoy explains that the dinner in honor of Larissa, and she joins the invitation. Larissa Karand
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