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A Day Lasts Longer than a Century
Chingiz Aitmatov
A Day Lasts Longer than a Century
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A Day Lasts Longer than a Century in 1,000 words:
Trains in these parts came from east to west and from west to east ... On either side of the railway in this region were the great spaces of the desert - Sary-Ozeki, the Middle lands of the yellow steppes. Yedigei switchman worked here at the junction Boranly-Buran. At midnight, to his booth snuck wife Ukubala to report the death Kazangap. Thirty years ago, after forty-four, Yedigei discharged after concussion. The doctor said, after a year will be healthy. But while the physical work he could not. And then they decided to go with his wife on the railway: it may, there is a place for a front guard or watchman. Accidentally introduced to Kazangap, talking, and he invited the young on the Buran. Of course, a difficult place - deserted but lack of water, sand all around. But all is better than be harassed without shelter. When I saw Yedigei patrol, his heart sank: the desert plane were several houses, and then from all sides - the steppe ... I do not know then that this place will hold the rest of life. Of these thirty years - close to Kazangap. Kazangap helped them a lot at first, gave the camel on the underneath, gave from her camel, who was named Karanar. Their children grew up together. They began as a family. And they have to bury Kazangap. Yedigei was walking home after the change, thinking about the upcoming funeral and suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet shook and he saw how far into the steppe, where the launch site was located Sarozek, fiery tornado r
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