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Farewell, Gulsary!
Chingiz Aitmatov
Farewell, Gulsary!
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Farewell, Gulsary! in 1,000 words:
Last fall came in Tanabai kolkhoz office, and the foreman said to him: "Have you found we will, elder, horse. Old, true, but your work will come. " Tanabai saw the pacer, and his heart throbbed painfully. "That saw each other, it turns out again" - he said the old, hackneyed horse completely. The first time he met with the pacer Gulsary after the war. Demobilized, he worked at the forge Tanabai and then Choro, a longtime friend, persuaded to go to the mountain herdsman. There's something for the first time and saw the dun, round like a ball "kid polutoraletku. Former herdsman bidding said:" For this in the past in the fights at the shock head was placed. " Last fall and winter. Meadows were green-green, and above them gleamed white, white snow on the tops of ridges. Buckskin into a slim strong colt. One only passion possessed him - a passion for running. Then it is time he learned to walk under the saddle so quickly and smoothly that people gasped: "Put on him a bucket of water - and not spill a drop." That spring rose high star pacer and his master. Aware of them young and old. But there was no case to Tanabai allowed anyone to sit on his horse. Even the woman. In May they started the night with a pacer nocturnal. During the day he was grazing, courting mares, and at night, driving off a herd of collective farm in the valley, the owner rode it to the house Byubyuzhan. At dawn they raced again, inconspicuous steppe trails for horses left in the valley. One night t
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