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Comedy of the Chest
Chingiz Aitmatov
Comedy of the Chest
Price: Free
Comedy of the Chest in 1,000 words:
The action of the first in Italy "s" is a comedy on the island Metellino in vague "ancient" times, in the verse prologue declares that contemporary writers may well compete with the skill of the ancient, though still inferior to the Italian language in the Greek and Latin euphony. The play begins with the fact that the young man Erofilo ordered his slaves to go to Philostratus, and indignant at the obstinacy of Nebbia, who clearly do not want to leave the house. The causes of this conflict are revealed in the dialogue of servants. Nebbia tells Janda that lives in the neighborhood pimp Lukrano have two lovely girls: one of them head over heels in love Erofilo, and in another - the son of a local Bassam (ruler) Karidoro. Merchant wrung price in hope of winning the big jackpot with the rich young men, but are entirely dependent on their fathers. But the old man Krisobolo left for a few days, instructing the protection of property faithful steward, and took the opportunity Erofilo: got rid of all the slaves at the time, except for rogue Volpin, his apprentice, the keys is selected, dropping in the course of the stick. Now the young man starts in love with his hand in his father's goodness, and then put the blame on the ill-fated Nebbia. In response to these complaints Janda advised not to thwart the host's son, the rightful heir to the wealth and slaves. In the next scene is a meeting with Eulalia and Corisco Erofilo and Karidoro. Girls boys showered reproaches - on the vow
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