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The Overcoat
Nikolai Gogol
The Overcoat
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The Overcoat in 1,000 words:
Overcoat 1842 Summary of the story Casting Time: ~ 6 min. In the original - 30-40 min. The story that happened to Akaki Akakievich Bashmachkins, begins with the story of his birth and naming of his fancy, and goes to the story about the service in his post of titular councilor. Many young officers, laughing, darn it dokuki, showered with pieces of paper, pushed by the hand - and only when completely unbearable, he says: "Leave me alone, why do you insult me?" - Voice, bow to pity. Akaky, whose office is to rewrite the paper, performed with love and it even came out of the presence and hastily pohlebav ing her, takes out a bottle of ink and paper rewrites brought to the house, and if there are none, then deliberately takes for himself a copy of the any document with fancy address. Entertainment delights friendship for him there, "wrote his heart's content, he went to bed," with a smile of anticipation of tomorrow's rewriting. However, the measured pace of life per se violation of an unforeseen accident. One morning, after many suggestions made by the St. Petersburg frost Akaky, having studied his overcoat (so has lost the form that the department has long called it the hood), notes that on his shoulders and back, it is absolutely shines. He decides to carry her to the tailor Petrovich, whose habits and a brief biography, but not without a detailed account. P. examines the hood and says that nothing can be corrected, and will make a new overcoat. Shaken named Petrovich p
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