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Anatomy of a Divorce
Hervé Bazin
Anatomy of a Divorce
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Anatomy of a Divorce in 1,000 words:
For the first time we meet the protagonists of the novel, Alina and Louis Davermel, during their divorce proceedings. For twenty years they lived together, gave birth to four children, but in forty-four years, Louis decided to start a new life with a young, Odile, with whom he has known for five years, and escape from the old, petty, quarrelsome and close to his wife, who bringeth forth his constant tantrums and scandals. Before the final decision remains with the children Alina live in the house, bought by Louis, and their father is allowed to communicate with them in the second and fourth Sunday of each month, and even on vacation: in his possession, exactly half of all holidays. Children in families of different ages and with different characters. Leon, the eldest son, seventeen years old. This is a fairly secretive, quiet young man, whom the father's absence in the house in something on his hand, because now he feels is the owner. Agatha, a girl of fifteen, in a dispute between a father and mother took the side of the mother and father sternly condemned the act. Thirteen-year-Rose, apparently a copy of the mother, idolizes his father and always stands up on its side. Guy at the beginning of divorce proceedings is too small to have its own view of what is happening: he was only nine. When Louis takes the children with you, Alina terribly jealous and tear on their return to their anger on them. The events of the novel covers a seven-year period, with each significant
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