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Don Juan
George Byron
Don Juan
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Don Juan in 1,000 words:
"Epic Poem" - to recall the author, and in fact - a novel in verse, "Don Juan" - the most important and most extensive work of the late stage of creation of Byron, the subject of constant thought of the poet, and a fierce polemic criticism. Similar "Eugene Onegin", a masterpiece of the late Byron ends in mid-sentence. Judging from the correspondence and contemporaries, who worked on "Don Juan" for the past seven years of his life, the poet was able to carry not more than two-thirds of his vast plan (conceived in the 24 epic songs, and the author intended to show the life of his hero in Germany, Spain, Italy, and finish the story the death of Giovanni in France during the French Revolution). The first song juicy satirical sketch strokes the poet throws ordinary existence rather noble family in Seville, in the second half of XVIII century, recreating the birth and the family environment, in what could only happen in the light of future indomitable conqueror of female hearts. The experience in Spain, visited the creator of "Childe Harold" could not do a good service to Byron: Images of cheerful, optimistic Don Jose and his "highbrow" languid and prim wife Dona Ines seem painted with a brush of some of the Flemish masters of genre painting. Crafty author never for a moment lose sight of the morals of contemporary British aristocracy, focusing, in particular, in the prevailing sense of Seville wealthy house of hypocrisy and bigotry. Sixteen young protagonist is first lessons
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