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George Byron
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Cain in 1,000 words:
Mystery, action which unfolds in the "area near Paradise," the scene opens up a prayer to Jehovah. In praying all involved not numerous "humanity": driven out of paradise as a reward for Kusch sin Adam and Eve, their sons, Cain and Abel, daughter of Ada and Sella and children conceived daughters of Adam by his own sons. Against unreasoning devotion of parents and a brother, dutifully which receive the Lord's Hand of Vengeance, instinct Cain, who embodies a relentless questioning, doubt, unquenchable desire for all the "get to the essence." He is quite candid, admitting: "I could never agree on / what I saw, with what they say to me." His evasive answers do not satisfy the parents, all referring to partake of His commandments: "They have all the questions / One answer:" His holy will, / And he is good. " Omnipotent and good? " Adam and Eve and their children are removed to a day's work. Reflecting Cain left alone. He feels the approach of a supreme being, which is "majestic angels," whom Cain had seen in the vicinity of paradise. This is Lucifer. In the interpretation of the image of the eternal opponent of the eternal, heavenly heights with the overthrown and condemned to incessant wandering in space, but unbroken in spirit, most clearly manifested daring innovation Byron - artist and thinker. Unlike most writers, in one way or another to deal with this subject, the author of the mystery does not show the slightest bias, in his vision of Satan is not a shadow of a canon
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