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The Nose
Nikolai Gogol
The Nose
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The Nose in 1,000 words:
Nose 1835 Summary of the story Casting Time: ~ 5 min. In the original - approx. 25 minutes. Described the incident, according to the narrator's happened in St. Petersburg, March 25th. The barber, Ivan Yakovlevich, otkushivaya morning fresh bread baked by his wife Paraschiva Osipovna finds a nose in it. Puzzled sim goose incident after learning Collegiate Assessor Kovalyov's nose, he vainly searches for ways to get rid of their findings. Finally, he throws it to the bridge and St. Isaac, against all expectations, delays quarterly warden with big sideburns. Collegiate Assessor Kovalev also (more liked named Major), wake up that morning with the intention to explore this morning jumped a pimple on his nose, and does not show his nose. Major Kovalyov, who has a need for a decent appearance, for the purpose of his visit to the capital in the finding of a prominent place in any department, and possibly marriage (on the occasion of which he is familiar in many homes with the ladies: Chehtyrevoy, State counselor, Pelageya Grigorievna Podtochina, officer's headquarters) - sent to the Chief of Police, but in the way of your nose meets your own (clothed, however, in gold-embroidered coat and a hat with a plume, exposing it to the councilor of state). The nose sits in a carriage and sent to the Kazan Cathedral, where he prays with supreme devotion. Major Kovalyov, timidly at first, and then calling it a becoming nose directly named, did not succeed in their intentions, and, distrac
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