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A Universal History of Infamy
Jorge Luis Borges
A Universal History of Infamy
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A Universal History of Infamy in 1,000 words:
In a series of "World History meanness" collected stories about the life of the murderers, swindlers, pirates. Among them, "Hakim of Merv, Masked Dyer" Hakim, who later earned the nickname the Prophet under a blanket, was born in 736, the Cross (ie AD) in the city of Merv fading on the edge of the desert. Father's brother Hakim taught him the craft dyer, "the art of the wicked" who inspired him to heretical thought. ("So I distorted the true colors of the creatures.") Hakim then disappears from his native city, leaving the house broken boilers and vats of dye, as well as Shiraz and the scimitar bronze mirror. More than ten years after that, before the start of Ramadan, the gates of a caravanserai on the road to Merv were slaves, beggars, thieves and butchers camels. Suddenly they saw from the depths of the desert, there are three figures which seemed to them extraordinarily high. All three were figures of men, but marching in the middle of a bull's head. When the figure approached, people saw that on the face of one who was in the middle of the mask, and two others - the blind. They are blind, explained the man in the mask, because they saw my face. He introduced himself as Hakim and said that more than ten years ago in his home became a man who had bathed and prayed, cut off his head and took her scimitar in the sky. There, his head was revealed to the Lord, who commanded her to prophesy and to put into it the words so ancient that they are repeating their mouths burne
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