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Jorge Luis Borges
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Ficciones in 1,000 words:
Fourteenth night in March 1936 in an apartment on the street Celetná in Prague, Jaromir Hladik, author of an unfinished tragedy, "Enemies" work "Justification of eternity" and Judaic studies on implicit sources of Jakob Boehme, dreams of a long game of chess. The game was started many centuries ago, and played out between two noble birth. The amounts of prize no one remembered, but it was incredibly loud. In the dream, Jaromir was the first-born in one of the rival families. Hours reported fight every move made. He ran under the rain on the sands of the desert and could not remember the rules of the game. Waking up, Jaromir hears dimensional mechanical hum. It is dawn in Prague includes armored units advanced detachments of the Third Reich. A few days later received a denunciation of power and delay Hladik. He can not refute any of the charges by the Gestapo: In his veins flows Jewish blood, the work of Boehme has a pro-Jewish character, he signed a protest against the Anschluss. Julius Rothe, one of the military officials in whose hands lies the fate of Hladik, decides to shoot him. The execution is scheduled for nine o'clock twenty-ninth of March - a delay that the authorities want to demonstrate its impartiality. Hladik is horrified. At first it seems that the gallows or the guillotine would not be so terrible. He constantly plays in the mind of an upcoming event, and long before the appointed time died a hundred times a day, presenting a scene of its own execution
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