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Dear Publisher,

ZBooker.com can make your dreams of becoming a published author into a reality. As the first platform that offers 1,000-word summaries for all e-books, we are dedicated to helping authors across the world to become both published and recognized. If you are looking to have your title available to read by people all over the globe, then consider publishing with ZBooker.com.

So why choose us? Because we believe in the concept of sharing the written word with people who want to read stories like yours. The team behind ZBooker.com is made up of writers and readers, so we understand the industry from both ends. What sets us apart from the rest is that you can publish your book on our site and get noticed by readers who really want to read your book. And what makes us special is that we’re the only web site that allows readers to view 1,000-word summaries of an entire e-book before downloading it. This eliminates the problem many e-readers have with downloading e-books that aren’t what they expected.

ZBooker is currently in the beta phase, so all books available for download right now can be read for free. Authors are never charged to have their work published either.

We will upload your e-book and it will be available to download by our community of readers. When we fully launch this summer, we will be in ecommerce mode, so authors will then be able to submit their books for 50% royalty. ZBooker will offer 75% royalty for authors who pre-submit their titles between now and July. Take advantage by giving your book a test-run – offer it for free, then when we launch, you can set the price to whatever you deem fit.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to see your name on a book that you’ve written. Whatever story you have to share with the world, you can do it all right here. If you’re interested in having your title published with ZBooker, submit your request to submit@ZBooker.com . It’s fast, easy and best of all, it’s free!

Sincerely, ZBooker Team

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