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In today’s age, people want to be able to access everything from their iPad, iPhone and laptop computer, but in a digestible format. Technology has allowed us to intake and share information within minutes, with a simple push of a button. The generation we live in calls for quick access to the things we love without overloading us with tons of content. With this in mind, ZBooker.com has revolutionized the way we read and publish e-books.

What makes ZBooker different from other platforms is that we have combined the essence of technology and our love for books, creating a way for e-readers to pre-read books before buying them. In short, this means that you’ll be able to read a 1,000-word summary for all the books in our online library before downloading them. If you’ve ever wasted your time reading a book that wasn’t interesting, you know how big of a difference this could make. Knowing exactly what you’re about to read without getting too many spoilers will help e-readers everywhere make better decisions about the books they download. Other sites only allow you to read snippets of chapters, without really giving you the substance of the literature. Now, you’ll be able to get the gist of any story in 1,000 words or less.

This is also good news for people who are looking to get published. Our way of publishing allows new authors to get their books noticed. Readers who don’t know your work will be able to get a feel of what your story is about before purchasing. The publishing industry can be very tough, especially when it comes to getting recognition. This is one way of getting people interested in your titles. We make it quick and easy to upload your e-book on or web site, which is immediately available to e-readers at any price you set it.

The purpose of ZBooker.com is to unite e-readers and e-book writers in one place. Here, you will be able to get access to thousands of downloadable books that you can easily read at your leisure. We’re always updating our libraries with new e-books that can be downloaded to your Nook, Kindle, iPad or other electronic device. We invite everyone around the world to join our community of writers and readers.

Sign up with ZBooker.com today and start downloading books that you know you’ll enjoy or contact us about having your book published on our site! 

ZBooker Team

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