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Getting Started With ZBooker

What is ZBooker.com?

ZBooker.com is an innovative e-publishing web site that allows authors around the world to have their books published online for free. The e-books available on ZBooker.com are downloadable on any compatible device (Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc). Readers are able to find old-school classics and contemporary titles from emerging authors. Genres of books in our library are endless, including personal memoirs, short- and long-form fiction, non-fiction and many others. We invite you to download and publish e-books with ZBooker today.

What does ZBooker.com offer readers?

ZBooker.com allows readers to pre-read e-books before purchasing them. Every book in our library has a free downloadable 1,000-word summary that gives readers a brief review of the whole story. This allows readers to shop around more efficiently for a book they may actually enjoy. All e-books are affordably priced and immediately available for downloading onto an e-reading device of your choice.

What does ZBooker.com offer authors?

At ZBooker.com, authors are able to publish their books online for free. We make it fast and easy for writers all across the world. Your e-books are then distributed to major retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. All authors receive 60% royalties for their net sales. Authors are able to choose the prices, sampling and marketing of their books.

What are e-books?

E-books are books written and read in a digital format. You are able to download e-books to your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle or other compatible e-reader. After buying your e-book, you will be able to download the content right away. It can be transferred to any compatible portable device for later reading. You can even print it out if desired.

How do I publish with ZBooker.com?

Publishing your e-book on ZBooker.com is as simple as sending an email. Once your book is completed, you can send it to submit@ZBooker.com as a PDF, Word, TXT or RTF document. We will contact you within 24 hours with further directions about how to submit your book and information.

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