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Who can publish on ZBooker.com?

Simple answer is anyone. As long as you are the original owner of the digital content that you wish to publish or are the exclusive digital publisher, you can upload your e-book on Zbooker.com. It’s imperative for your content to be original and written by you, or an author that has given you exclusive rights to publish the work.

I published my book directly on Amazon (or another retailer). Can I still work with ZBooker?

Yes, you can. Once you have published your work, go to your Dashboard’s Channel Manager and choose to opt out of any ZBooker retail partners that you have already distributed your book to. This will prevent your book from being double-distributed.

What can I publish?

Zbooker.com is a great option for authors who have finished an original piece of literature (no drafts, works-in-progress or partial works). You can publish personal memoirs, short- and long-form fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, poetry, essays and whatever else you have written.

Who cannot publish on ZBooker?

We ask that you do not publish books that advocate hate speech, racism, homophobia, illegal activities or books that contains word-for-word content from Wikipedia, public content farms or another public domain. Your work should not appear anywhere else on the Web that is written by someone else or under a different pen name. We will query random portions of your book using Google to ensure its originality. If we find that your work is under a different author’s name, associated with a private label article or e-book licensing systems, your ZBooker account will be deleted immediately and all earnings will be forfeited. ZBooker has zero tolerance for plagiarism, PLR and copyright infringement.

I live outside the U.S. Can I publish on ZBooker?

Yes, you can. Take a look at our ITIN checklist within the Royalties section of our web site and you will learn how you can qualify for tax exemption or reduced tax withholdings.

What languages do you publish and distribute?

Most languages are supported by ZBooker.com. When your book is uploaded to our site, you will be able to tag it with the correct language, so that we can distribute it to retailers that support the language of your e-book.

How is the price of my book determined?

You, the author, agent or publisher, will be able to set the price of the e-books you submit to ZBooker.com. You can have it available for free or at any price above .99 cents. You can even choose to allow the reader to set the price. Keep in mind that if you select the reader-sets-the-price option, by default, other retailers will set your price to $4.95, since they do not support this option. We won’t be able to submit e-books to Barnes & Noble that have the reader-sets-the-price option. You can go to the settings on your dashboard to set a separate default price for retailers, if you wish. A price change for your book will be included in our weekly notifications to ZBooker readers, so that they know your new price. The price change should be reflected on other retailers’ sites within two to 14 days.

Is your publishing agreement exclusive?

No. We offer a non-exclusive publishing agreement, which leaves you with all rights to your e-book. You can publish it with other publishers and distributors.

How should I Price my book?

We like to leave this decision up to the author or publisher. Here are a few tips for choosing the good price for your e-book:

1. Your e-book should have a price that is cheaper than its printed version, since this is expected by customers. Plus, electronic publishing doesn’t cost anything to produce (paper, shipping, etc).

2. Longer books usually have a higher price than a shorter book.

3. Consider what customers think of your book. The more valuable they view it, the more they’re willing to pay for it. The customer should feel like the value of the book is greater than its cost. You should also consider the competitors within your market.

4. Having a high price for your e-book could be beneficial, yet harmful. This shows customers that it potentially has great value, yet it could turn away those who can’t afford it or feel that your book isn’t worthy. Try setting a fair price, then offer coupons through ZBooker.com, so that they feel they’re getting a good deal.

5. Avoid underpricing your book because it can make it seem of little value to readers.

6. It’s alright to experiment with the pricing of your e-book. ZBooker.com allows you to change the price of your book at any time.

How long does it take for my book to show up after I submit it?

Usually, an e-book submission will take up to 48 hours to be published. We will send you an email as soon as your e-book has been uploaded to the site.

What is DRM and do you have it?

DRM, also known as Digital Rights Management, is a scheme used for digital books. It protects and limits reading capabilities of the e-book to specific devices. ZBooker.com does not provide DRM. You will still have the full copyright of your e-book and most are only licensed for personal use by the individual that purchases the e-book. Authors that submit work to ZBooker.com will have full authority over their licensing statement.

Can I publish under a pen name or multiple pen names?


What are the requirements for my cover image and how do I create one?

Book covers are what help readers to take notice of your work. You can sumbit your image files to ZBooker.com as a .jpeg, .jpg or .png. Please do not submit them as Word documents or PDFs. The author name and title should also be included with the submission. The cover image should show only the front of the e-book, not the back cover. Also, it should be 2D, not 3D or pseudo-3D. Please refrain from placing web addresses on the front cover (some online retailers will not accept e-books that have this). The shape of the image should only be rectangular-shaped in a vertical position (height greater than width). The minimum width and height is 600 pixels, with a recommended size of 925 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide. You can view the dimensions of your image by right clicking the image and selecting properties.

When submitted to ZBooker.com, the image will be converted to multiple smaller sizes, so do not have the author name and title too small. Some authors create their own cover pages using graphics programs like Gimp, which is free and full-featured. Another option to use is Paint.net and Editor. If your cover image has mostly text and sharp lines, you should save it in .PNG format. If your image is mostly photographs, you should save it in .JPEG (JPG) format, which will give it higher quality. ZBooker.com also offers e-book cover design services – contact submit@ZBooker.com to request a cover for your book (prices range between $35 and $50).

Should I add the cover image inside my book?

This is not required. Your cover image is automatically inserted to the e-book file during the EPUB and MOBI conversions. This is not so for PDF and RTF versions. To ensure that your e-books cover art is in all of its versions, you can use Microsoft Word to import the book cover image. Go to File, Import and click Picture. Select the file from your hard drive. Once inserted, right click the image and click Format Picture. Select “Layout” and click “In Line with Text”. This will make sure that text wraps around the image. Click on the image, then select the center button at the top; this will center the image on the page.

Can I publish public domain books?


I publish my book directly on the Kindle via Amazon’s Digital Text Platform. Should I also enable the Kindle format (.mobi) on Zbooker?

Definitely! ZBooker allows readers to download e-books in multiple formats of their choice, so the more versions you offer, the better. If they buy your e-book from their Kindle, they’re only given one format, which is burdened with DRM protection. A lot of the readers at ZBooker.com shop with us because they want to be able to choose the e-book version that suits their portable device. With our DRM-free selections, this is possible. To make it more convenient to ZBooker’s customers, you should enable multiple formats of your e-books.
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